I'd rather watch the Kardashian's on TV than racing. And, I would only watch the Kardashian's if my TV was accidentally on that channel, my batteries went dead in the remote and there were no batteries left in the world.

Sorry, but it looks like all they do is drive in a circle for hundreds of miles and to be honest, I just don't get it. Plus, the gas calculations are not impressive. I push my limit every time my gas light comes on, been successfully outsmarting my gas tank for years. No offense to anyone who is involved in the sport, but I've never enjoyed it.Well, I'm starting to think I'm totally wrong and about to eat my words, because I'm finding myself more intrigued by NASCAR. Wanna know why? I have two words for you...

Dale. Jr.

Yep, for some reason here lately I've been finding myself reading NASCAR articles, checking out who's doing what and it's pretty exciting! And, yes.. it's all Dale, Jr.'s fault! Ha!

Robert Laberge, Getty Images
Robert Laberge, Getty Images

Not real sure on the how and why, but here in the last few months, he's joined Twitter. I think it coincided with him winning his second Daytona 500. (See, I'm learning, ha!) Let me put this as simply as possible... I think I love him. Not in an inappropriate way. (He has a girlfriend, via his tweets, and the way he talks about her is just one reason why I like him!) He seems so normal and so relatable. He is very interactive with his fans, always responding to their questions and comments. My favorite thing about him on Twitter is how he shares so much with his followers. I'm learning all about practice runs, race-preparation and more just from following him. And, you know what I've learned most?? How interested I'm becoming in racing. So interested that I think it's time for me to hit up a race!

I want to drive a car too. Ok, maybe first I should go on a ride-a-long, but I can only imagine what it feels like running one of those beasts around a turn at God-only-knows how fast!

So, first things first, where do I get a Dale, Jr. jersey?!? Is that a thing? No... dang it! Well, jersey or not, I'm ready to sit in the grandstands with a hundred thousand other NASCAR fans, earplugs and all, cheering on the #88 car!

NASCAR bandwagon... make room for me, I'm jumping on!


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