We just got back from a road trip up to Pennsylvania. I highly recommend a visit to Gettysburg to soak in some pretty potent American history; walking on that battlefield really gives you a weird vibe.

Kentucky Gas Prices

And if you make that journey, I ALSO recommend you fill up your trunk with gasoline to take with you. When I got back to Owensboro, the most expensive gas I saw was still 40 cents cheaper than the LEAST expensive fuel in eastern Pennsylvania. And the price in question--$3.89 a gallon (choke, choke, gulp)--is actually three cents higher than the current national average of $3.86. Yes, it's good to be home.

High Gas Price Factors

But here at home, gasoline IS on the rise, just like everywhere else. In early August, Kentucky gas prices had risen by 25 cents over the previous month.

If heat IS a factor in higher gas prices, this week won't help any; western Kentucky is under the throes of an excessive heat warning for most of it. And it's not even the extreme temperatures in the Bluegrass that could yield to higher gas prices.

In a recent press release, AAA East Central points to an expanding "heat dome" over Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Refineries in those states could curb production because of it. There's also a more recent factor that had yet to materialize when that report aired--Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hilary.

Where's the Cheapest Gas in Kentucky?

So, where IS the cheapest gas in Kentucky at the moment? Why, that would be the city in which I'm writing this story. You got it. Owensboro has the least expensive gasoline in the Commonwealth with an average price of $3.30 a gallon. And nope, that ain't cheap. But considering everywhere else, we'll take it.

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