gas prices

As we watch what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico, a hurricane usually means gas prices will spike, however, sometimes weather is not always the cause. Such is the case with Kentucky at the moment.
Gas prices drive me nuts! I noticed around the last couple of holidays, they would go up and then drop back down. Now, they have gone up and they may stay there for a while. Groan!
Gas Prices Slingshot Up and Down at Breakneck Pace
I was in Henderson, Sunday, when I drove past a neon gas price sign that nearly stopped me dead in my tracks. Good thing it didn't; there was a semi behind me. But it did cause me to turn in and fill up my tank, even though I was  three-quarters of a tank full. The sign said $3.53 for regular unleaded...$3.53!
As Gas Prices Rise, Erin Grant Misses Her Geo Metro
Okay, these are NOT the Geo Metros I remember. The Geo Metro I remember is the one I drove from early 1995-early 2000. The Metro was originally my Dad's, it was an '89 4-door sedan, which was a product of the second generation of the gas-efficient vehicles.
Soaring Gas Prices
Gas prices are going up all the time and may get even worse this summer! Here are some helpful hints you might want to try?