Game One of the 2016 World Series wasn't exactly a memorable one for the Chicago Cubs as it was a shut-out--Cleveland Indians 6 Cubs 0.

But the Cubs' Kyle Schwarber DID hit a double off the wall...and he did it with a Dinger bat.

And THAT'S where Owensboro comes in.

Owensboro Living got the chance to speak with Shane Shepherd, the Director of Business Development for Dinger Bats.

Shepherd's office is in downtown Owensboro.

I'm just gonna lay it out...he's got a VERY. COOL. JOB.

Every year Shane Shepherd--the players call him "Shep"--gets to go to the Arizona Fall League.

Now this is the Major League Baseball off-season showcase league where prospective pros show off what they've got.

And when they're SHOWING off what they've got they're swinging Dinger bats.

Well, see, Schwarber's agent got a hold of Shepherd very recently and let him know that Schwarber was going to be in Arizona at the same time.

The whole thing was top secret but, bottom line, Shep was supposed to hook Schwarber up with Dinger bats.

Next thing you know, the Cubs make the World Series for the first time since Truman was the president and nobody had a TV.

And Schwarber is using a Dinger bat.

And Cubs' left fielder Chris Coghlan has been using Dinger bats all year.

Oh, and something else also extremely cool...

Dinger Fest is happening at the Owensboro Convention Center on January 7, 2017.

(Hey, that's my BIRTHDAY!)

Shepherd is still finalizing plans for the shindig but Kyle Schwarber, himself, is scheduled to make an appearance!

Very exciting stuff.