One day about 10 years ago, I just needed to see some gorillas. No, I didn't go looking through Animal Planet's On Demand selections. I wanted to see the real, primates. So off we went to the Louisville Zoo.

Aside from all the magnificent creatures in its care, the Louisville Zoo also wins the day for me personally by not having an off-season. Yes, they are open throughout the winter and will only close if the weather is misbehaving. The Louisville Zoo also offers events throughout the year to draw visitors, although "drawing visitors" has never been an issue for one of the nation's best zoos.

Wild Lights in Louisville

For example, beginning March 23rd, the zoo is once again gearing up for one of its most popular festivals that will stretch through May 19th, giving all who are interested ample opportunity to experience Wild Lights.

Wild Lights Will Offer New Exhibits in 2024

With the exception of Spring Break week, April 1st through the 7th, Wild Lights 2024 will be open Thursdays through Sundays during that nearly two month stretch and, this year, will offer guests new experiences:

This year’s Wild Lights festival will feature many new lantern displays highlighting life under the sea as well as ancient Chinese mythological characters. See nature come to life with interactive moving displays and explore ancient Chinese myths and legends, including magnificent dragons and a breathtaking phoenix tunnel. The festival includes all-new illuminated archways and larger-than-life displays allowing you to become part of the magic.

Wild Lights begins at 7 PM each night its open, and there will be an amazing menu created especially for the event.

Keep in the mind, the zoo itself is open seven days a week from 10 AM until 4 PM; the times mentioned above are strictly for Wild Lights. And that sounds to me like you make an incredible day of it. Magnificent creatures from all corners of the globe under the sunshine and breathtaking lantern displays by moonlight.

Who wouldn't be here for that?

[SOURCE: WDRB-Louisville]

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