Sad news for Kentucky Wildcat fans. Wildcat Wearhouse has announced it has closed its Owensboro location.  Here's why.

Barb Birgy
Barb Birgy

According to a press release, Wildcat Wearhouse owner Doug Schneider cites a change to the University of Kentucky's licensing program as one reason for the closure.  A second reason is the ever-changing landscape in retail.  Major stores like Sears and Kmart have been closing stores around the U.S. and Wildcat Warehouse has been affected by similar issues and concerns.

While not all of the Wildcat Warehouse stores are closing, the Owensboro location is indeed being affected.  Owners say, "Wildcat Wearhouse will concentrate on better performing stores in this challenging retail market."

Wildcat Wearhouse was founded in 1988 and serves Kentucky Wildcat fans with sixteen locations in the Commonwealth and online.


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