It's been a few years since I sunk my teeth into one of those Krispy Kreme burgers at the Kentucky State Fair.

It's been a few years since I spit my one and only bite of one of those Krispy Kreme burgers into a nearby trash can and tossed the rest of the burger in on top of it.

Sugar and beef don't work for me at all, it seems.

Now...sugar and chicken? That's a different story, altogether.

When I have wings or tenders, I like the sauce or even the dry rub to have at least a hint of sweet.

So I should be very excited at the prospect of a "donut fried chicken sandwich" from KFC, right?

Well...I think "excited" might be too strong a word. But because we're talking chicken, here, and not beef, this might actually work.

Let's say I'd approach it with caution.

Right now, however, I'd have to take a fairly lengthy road trip if I wanted to approach it at all.

KFC is currently test-marketing the new sandwich and the closest location is Pittsburgh.

No, I don't want one that bad.

But I would try it, sure.'s description of the sandwich is exactly what you'd expect--a piece of fried chicken between two donuts.

KFC is also trying out a Fried Chicken & Donut Basket meal which features a piece of bone-in chicken or tender paired with a donut.

I think that's actually weird. The sandwich makes more sense.

But again, we're a ways away from getting the new donut fried chicken sandwich at one of our KFC restaurants, both literally and maybe chronologically.

But if it shows up around here, I'm game.