It is one of the COOLEST rides I have ever been on.  On Friday, Holiday World and Splashin' Safari unveiled their brand new water coaster, MAMMOTH, and it is an instant hit.  Yesterday, I headed to Holiday World to broadcast live and got the chance to experience MAMMOTH for the first time.  It was flipping awesome and I got drenched from head to toe.  You guys have to check out this brand new attraction, billed as "the world's largest water coaster."  And, this week on WBKR, you can win tickets to the park in our MAMMOTH giveaway that'll give you the chance to do just that!

Starting Monday morning, we'll literally be giving away "boat loads" of tickets to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari.  Three times a day you will hear Dave Spencer (WBKR's very own Mammoth) give you the cue-to-call.  When you hear it, call 926-WBKR or 1-800-844-WBKR.

MAMMOTH features 6-person rafts and we are going to fill one of those boats with each contest.  That's why . . . each time you hear a MAMMOTH cue-to-call . . . callers one, two AND three are each going to win a pair of tickets!   See??  That's why we're claiming to be giving away "boat loads" of tickets.  We really are.

Good luck!  And stay tuned!  You'll have a chance to win each weekday morning with The WBKR Waking Crew, each midday with Jaclyn Graves and each Drive Home with Dave Spencer.

In the meantime, check this out!  It's a virtual ride through the all-new MAMMOTH.