I love ham just has much as the next person. Any way you want to prepare ham, I will tuck a napkin in my shirt collar and pull myself toward the table.

But I don't like ham THAT much.

And by THAT much, I mean $2.8 million dollars.

That's what the Kentucky State Fair's grand champion ham sold for Thursday morning at auction.

Of course, I was being facetious. This is all fundraising money and, well, THOSE are a lot of funds.

Broadbent B&B Foods of Kuttawa, down around the lakes, produced the 18.8 pound behemoth. (And I bet it is DEEEE-LICIOUS!)

WAVE3 out of Louisville says that this purchase sets the auction record. Of that I have no doubt.

The annual Kentucky Farm Bureau Breakfast and Auction is a celebration of the Kentucky farmer.

Whaddya know? Now I'm hungry for ham.



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