Many times over the years, I have written about the notorious Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY. Most of the time, people have sent me videos or photos they have taken while visiting Waverly, and they want to see what you think,

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Several of the photos have left me speechless. I can't explain the images I see in the photos. One showed an image of a figure walking by a doorway on the roof of the sanatorium. It's incredible.

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These photos were sent to me by Debbie and they were taken a few years ago. After she saw my other paranormal articles, she wanted me to share the photos with you.

Here is what she had to say about the tour and the photos.

Photos were taken a few years ago at Waverly Hills while taking a tour. Standing outside the room where the tour group leader was saying that there were rumors a former “nurse” had supposedly hung herself. I pointed my cell phone toward the ceiling in the darkness as no flash or lighting was allowed on the tour. When I got home and viewed all of the photos I had snapped while walking along the darkened hallways of Waverly Hills, one particular picture caught my eye. It was the one that I had pointed up toward the ceiling, to the doorway of the room that was “supposedly” where the nurse was found hanging. Was this a true story, I don’t know but my picture paints a haunting image.

- Debbie L.R.

Debbie L.R./Canva
Debbie L.R./Canva

I turned the second photo around so that you can see more clearly how incredibly creepy and haunting these photos really are.

Debbie L.R./Canva
Debbie L.R./Canva

What's the legend of the nurse who supposedly committed suicide at Waverly Hills?

According to Mysterious Trip,

<p>What legend says is that a<strong> </strong>29-year-old nurse allegedly hung herself from the light fixture in Room 502 and was unmarried and pregnant.</p><p>Some said she took her life because she had an affair with the hospital owner and contracted tuberculosis. Some said she was depressed by the whole scenario in the hospital.</p><p>She couldn’t take the death of so many patients, and thus, she committed suicide. There was no hard evidence of why she committed suicide, but the rumors continued.</p>

I find Debbie's photos fascinating. Remember, please be kind when you are giving your opinion of the images in the photos. The eye of the paranormal is in the beholder.

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