When I was a kid, I used to love to go fishing.  Keep in mind, I was never very good at it.  I mean, let's be honest. Does anyone think I have the attention span for fishing?  My grandparents had a lake behind their house in Philpot.  I would throw out my line and come up to the house and watch The Price Is Right while I "fished."  I would just glance out the sliding door occasionally to see if the bobber had been pulled under the water by a catfish.  It it had, I would run out and try to reel it in real fast.  That's how I fished.  LOL!

My granddad would also take me bass fishing at Rough River.  He was a tournament fisherman.  I was terrible.  So, I just looked at it like a really long boat ride.  Or, if it was really sunny and hot, I would talk him into taking a break from fishing to head over to the cliffs.  He would use his depth finder to make sure there weren't any rocks, then, when he was convinced the coast was clear, I would get to jump off the rocks into the river.  THAT was fishing!

Well, If you're up for some fishing (some real fishing), here's some good news for you. Daviess County Fiscal Court says that the lakes at Yellow Creek Park and Panther Creek Park will be stocked with catfish next week.

Here's the official social media post:

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In addition to getting stocked with catfish next week, both lakes will be stocked with trout the following week- on Wednesday, March 17th.

Of course, remember, you must have a fishing license to fish in Kentucky.  For additional licensing information and details on how and where to get one, CLICK HERE!


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