There are two things I can recognize the second I walk in the back door here at WBKR--that someone burned coffee and that someone burned popcorn.

It's very simple: if the coffee pot gets too low, turn it off; AND if you microwave popcorn, don't leave it. Otherwise, a foul-smelling aroma will permeate the building. And, I'm the one who gripes the loudest about it.

Well, now, I guess I'll need to keep my mouth shut.

I was really looking forward to this awesome popcorn I bought at Reid's, and I followed the instructions to the letter. They told me to take out the popcorn when the popping sounds started becoming separated by 2-3 seconds.

Didn't work.

When I DID wait until that point, I pulled the popcorn out only to see a pillar of smoke billowing out of the bag's opening.

I got a lungful.

So, I took it outside and vowed to NEVER complain about the smell of burned popcorn again. Yep, it turns out that instead of popcorn, I'm now eating crow.

Pass the salt.