I'm not lazy, but BOY, am I lazy! When the pandemic hit and we all began to self-quarantine (and we all remember how much on lockdown we all were in March, right?), I was all, "Hey, this is fine. I have a lot to do and a lot of TV to catch up on."

Then I found that I'm not the type who can lay or sit around my place and watch Netflix or Hulu or whatever for hours on end.

Honestly, after three hours, I was having to get out and do something. ANYTHING.

So, no I'm not lazy, in the sense that, yeah, I like being busy and DOING something. I know I'm not alone.

But last night (Sunday night, so you'll have the timeline), along with many other Owensboroans, I had no Internet. Therefore I had no streaming of any kind. And my cable is now digital, so that was gone, too.

And there it was.

My suppositions for the last 20 some-odd years about what would happen if--like in some digital disaster movie--the Internet completely crashed actually had a little information with which I could now work.

I read some anecdotes from a book written by the late great comic Jonathan Winters and then dozed off.

But not before I stacked up a bunch of DVDs and played eenie-meenie-minie-moe. (I have no idea how you spell that, if that matters.)

And then--and here's where I got lazy--I was done with my movie (The Fugitive--always good) and had to--HORRORS!--physically remove it from the player and put something else in.

Seriously, I'm not used to doing that nearly as much as I used to. A lot of movies I have on DVD are streaming somewhere and that's often where I find them, for the sake of convenience.

Hey, I can switch back and forth with the push of a button. That's when I thought, "Oh no, I am not going to be THAT beholden to convenience."

So, yeah, a little taste of what almost total dependence on the Internet can yield under certain circumstances.

Anyway, when I called Spectrum last night, the recorded voice told me about damaged fiber optics wiring and that there was no timetable on a repair.

My wireless was back this morning but I'm now learning some are STILL without it...going on 24 or more hours, as a matter of fact.

Interesting the types of things life throws our way.

And it looks like "life" saved them all up for 2020.

UPDATE: I need to add something here that I failed to mention when I first wrote this. And I appreciate one of our Facebook friends for reminding me. Many folks need the Internet for WORK. And as Heather Blair mentioned in the comments under this story earlier, she needs it to monitor her baby's pulse and oxygen overnight and that "not everyone is upset they don't have Netflix." She's exactly right. I guess since I don't really need it for anything important at home, I wasn't thinking along those lines, and I appreciate her for bringing it to my attention.

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