If you're from the Tri-State area, there's a pretty good chance you've heard of the haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium, it's said to be one of the most haunted places in the U.S.

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Why is Waverly Hills so chilling?

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located just outside of Louisville. Waverly Hills is known for being haunted, and being a "hot bed" for paranormal activity. Part of the reason for this reputation has to do with Waverly's history. The numbers vary, but it's said that thousands died at Waverly Hills Sanatorium as it was originally a tuberculosis hospital.  After the tuberculosis epidemic was over, it was turned into a geriatric medical facility.  In 1981 Waverly Hills closed it's doors.  Now the Waverly Hills Historical Society works hard to help preserve the historic landmark, and by utilizing it's creepy history they're able to raise funds for their nonprofit which helps with the preservation of the building.


TFIL Heading to Waverly Hills

If you're a fan of paranormal investigations, you may have heard of TFIL on YouTube.  They sit at 3.6 million subscribers and are known for hosting overnight investigations at some of the scariest places.


TFIL is hosting a live event and paranormal overnight investigation with Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The event will consist of a few different parts, a live show that's held at Waverly hills with Q&A and more, and they are hosting a special overnight investigation that you can also be a part of from 10 PM to 4:40 AM

Here's what they have to say about their live show:

Elton & Corey's new Live Show (turning into a YouTube series & podcast) is an interactive experience focused on YOUR paranormal experiences including an abundance of comedy, stories & high energy from the duo.   Special guests ranging from paranormal experts, location owners, investigators, inventors, scientists, and more will be joining on various nights of the tour.

Each show is being held within amazing and unique haunted rooms at these various locations.   You will be seated in the midst of decades, if not centuries, of history and hauntings while we have an enthusiastic and lively intimate night of discussing the world we love but cannot see... the paranormal. 

The event will take place on two dates, August 15th & 16th you can check out the tickets and pricing, here.

Interested in checking out Waverly Hills for yourself?

If you're interested in touring Waverly Hills and not super interested in a special event, they have a few different tour options, but if you're really into paranormal investigating, you can actually book an overnight investigation that includes a place to crash when you get too tired of ghost hunting.

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