You've heard of that old game "Never Have I Ever," right? You know, the one in which you come up with things you've never done that seemingly EVERYONE has?


Well, I have one for you and it doesn't really make any sense that I claim this. But for many years, when we'd travel to Florida on vacation, we'd go right through Tennessee as most everyone from Owensboro does. So I don't know how many times I've seen those "See Rock City" signs along the interstate headed toward Chattanooga. And here's the deal...I have NEVER been.

I've never done Lookout Mountain either despite ITS many advertisements luring me.


But at some point, and I don't know when that would be, I may have to amend that and actually "See Rock City" between now and Christmas because it is celebrating its 27th year of Rock City's Garden of Enchanted Lights.

Despite my inexplicable (but not deliberate) avoidance of the popular and legendary attraction, I have taken many a virtual tour of Rock City and know what I've been missing. But decked out for Christmas? That's kicking up a traditional roadside stop SEVERAL notches.


I'm actually starting to wonder how you could NOT make Rock City's Garden of Enchanted Lights part of your holiday celebration. It seems an attraction with features like the Grand Corridor in Yule Town, the Arctic Kingdom, and the Magic Forest would bring BACK that magic we all used to feel when we were kids at Christmas.

The Garden of Enchanted Lights has already opened and WILL be open through January 2nd. The hours are 5 PM to 9 PM every night. On select nights, it will be open until 10 PM.

And hey, Chattanooga is right there and what a beautiful city it is. Make a holiday weekend of it.

Maybe that's a bucket list item for YOU. Maybe this is the year you give in to all those signs on all those barns dotting the landscape in east-central Tennessee and finally SEE ROCK CITY.

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