Cicadas will be stuck in my childhood memories, forever. I have a memory of a particular cicada in my mind that makes me feel nauseous when I think back. It was shocking.

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While my mom and dad built our house, I would watch my baby brother in the front yard. He would play in his playpen with his toys. I was five years old and he was one.

So, as I sat in the grass playing with my little cars, he was safe inside the confines of his playpen. I had one job and that was to let them know if he started getting fussy.

He was playing nicely and quietly when I just happened to glance at him through the mesh-netted sides of the playpen. What I saw was horrifying. He had picked up a cicada that had landed in his playpen and bit the head off of it. It must not have tasted good because he had it hanging out of his mouth and making a yucky face.

Anyway, when I screamed, mom rushed over and scooped him up, took him in the trailer, and cleaned the cIcada carcasses off his face. It was so gross.

BTW, cicadas are harmless to humans and other animals.

This video I found on Rumble made me think of that day so much. Last year, a family from Odin. Illinois spotted a cicada on their front porch that only had half a body. The butt of the cicada was gone and giving it a very zombie-like appearance as it awkwardly moved slowly across the porch.

Take a look.



What is going on with him? How does he have just half a body? Is he actually a zombie cicada?

Those ants crawling around him look guilty. Don't they?

I believe AP news explains what probably happened to the cicada.

Lots of creatures — even ants — eat cicadas. When they first come out and try to molt their skin, they can get stuck and are particularly vulnerable to attack.

Poor guy! He finally emerges from the ground to mate and he gets murdered by ants. He's hanging on though.

[Viral Hog via Rumble]


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