The glorious Martina McBride performs in Henderson this weekend. She, along with Jack Ingram, will be singing  at Liberty Square. Martina goes on at 7:30. Bring your own chair but no booze, no pets. So, I thought it was an appropriate time to share with you 10 Things You Don't Know About Martina McBride...


1.  Her middle name is Maria. However, it is spelled M-a-r-i-e-a.

2. In 1994, she portrayed a singer Jesse Lee Harris, on TV’s “Baywatch”.

3. She is a recipient of the CMT-Minnie Pearl Humanitarian Award.

4. She relaxes prior to a show by putting on makeup and trying different looks.

5. This one will really get to you. She works out two times a week for about thirty minutes.

6. Her best friend is Faith Hill, partly because of all they have in common:

-         They each have three girls

-         They both love to cook

-         They both love to decorate

-         They like to travel

-         They both love and are in the music business.

7. She toured with George Strait for the first time in 2000. In 2012, George has invited her to go on tour with him again and she accepted.

8. She unfortunately became involved in a points shaving scandal at Brentwood High School near Nashville. Read about it here.

9. She recently went home to Kansas for her brother Marty Shiff’s wedding to Melanie.

10. They named a park in Sharon, Kansas, for her.