YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!  My Facebook friend, Nathan Nelson, posted this video yesterday.  It's of a massive funnel cloud swirling overhead in West Liberty, KY.  As you know, that town was hard hit by the twister you are to see.  But what makes the video even more powerful is the woman in it.  She stands underneath this monster storm, her hand extended up to it in ferocious prayer.  She is literally trying to will the beast away from her house and town.  This is one of the coolest videos I have ever seen.  It truly looks as if it's ripped right out of the movies.  WATCH!

This video was so amazing that CNN picked it up and covered the story.  It's also on YouTube where it has sparked a heated debate about the woman and the strength of her prayer.

And, again, thanks to my buddy Nathan for the tip!  And, if you want to contribute to tornado victims, you can do so by texting "RED CROSS" to 90999.  If you do, $10 will automatically be donated.