Kentucky has been overwhelming it's opponents, of late. But most think that the 'Cats have to lose SOMEWHERE, don't they? And some of those think that that somewhere is in Nashville tomorrow night when #1 UK takes on Vanderbilt.


Vandy is a veteran team that was ranked in the pre-season top ten. But they haven't exactly lived up to expectations, having fallen out of the Top 25 a couple of months ago and sporting a 17-7 record. But the Commodores CAN win this game and, in fact, one prominent college basketball analyst at CBS thinks that tomorrow night's game is "guaranteed to be an upset." Of course, he goes on to say that he doesn't think Kentucky will lose again this season. On the other hand, Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated predicts a Wildcat victory tomorrow night in Vandy's Memorial Gym. Of course, as they say, that's why they play the games. We can speculate until the cows come home, but the game hasn't even begun.


One way to prepare would be to poke fun at an issue that has been thrown in your face on any number of occasions. Such was the case today when, during a media event, Coach John Calipari joked that today was his 53rd birthday, but since two of those years were removed the record, he's really only 51. He was clearly referring to the NCAA stripping away his Final Four appearances at Massachusetts and Memphis. It's not a subject he's joked about in the past, but when an opportunity presents itself, you have to strike. Happy Birthday, Coach Cal! Let's see if the 'Cats can give him a very big gift tomorrow night.