WBKR's 'The Run for Your Life" Zombie 5K is Friday night and we're ready to unleash dozens of zombies onto the streets of Owensboro.  As you know, our Zombie Run is not a typical 5K event.  No!  Our runners are going to be chased by zombie, who will be hot in pursuit of our runners, trying to rip their flesh . . . er . . . we mean their flags from them.  We expect lots of screaming and lots of frantic running through the streets around the Moreland Park area.  Because of that, we have prepared and will be circulating a letter to residents in the area to warn them . . . THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING!  Here's a copy of the letter WBKR is circulating to residents in the neighborhood.

Dear Resident:

The Country Station 92.5 WBKR, The City of Owensboro, Owensboro Parks and Recreation and The Owensboro City Police Department want to make you aware of a special event taking place Friday evening at 10pm at the Owensboro Sportscenter, Moreland Park and YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

It's WBKR's "The Run for Your Life" Zombie Run.  This event is a road race that will send runners through your neighborhood in the dark of night.  Unlike most 5K races, this one is not a timed event.  This is a ZOMBIE run and our runners will be chased by zombies.  So, if you hear screaming in your neighborhood between 10pm and 11pm CST, Friday, Sept 21st, please be advised that "The Run for Your Life" is underway.

The race will have police escort provided by Owensboro City Police, but please be advised that runners and zombies will be prevalent in your neighborhoods during the duration of the event.

The race route includes the following streets . . .

Hickman Avenue
12th Street
Venable Avenue
Mayo Avenue
Monohon Avenue (including the alley that runs adjacent to the cemetery back to Independence)
Audubon Avenue
West 11 Street
Woodlawn Avenue
& all areas adjacent to Moreland Park                     

These streets will be closed to through traffic during the event and, if you need to leave or enter your residence in your vehicle between the hours of 10pm and 11pm, please use EXTREME caution and watch for runners and zombies.  There will also be police in the area assisting traffic in and out of the neighborhoods listed above.

If you have received this notification, your home is within the area designated for the course.  Again, please be aware that ZOMBIES are coming to your neighborhood and will be chasing our runners through the streets during WBKR's "The Run for Your Life."

Thanks so much for your attention in this matter.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but would like to thank you for your kindness.  WBKR is pleased to bring a new and exciting event to Owensboro/Daviess County and appreciate your understanding and support of our efforts to bring special event programming to the area.

If you have any questions about the event and would like to participate, please call WBKR at 270-683-1558 or visit WBKR.com.

If you have any concerns regarding the course and potential safety issues, please contact Sgt. Foster with the Owensboro Police Department Traffic Department at 270-687-8847.