Toward the end of the University of Kentucky's Tuesday night loss to Alabama, the camera caught UK Coach John Calipari directing a profanity-laden verbal assault at freshman star Terrence Jones. Considering the fact that coaches usually lace their tirades with a variety of colorful language, it's not wholly surprising. But maybe the combination of actually seeing the exchange and Jones' clearly humbled reaction was powerful enough to generate an uproar. Thankfully, cooler heads have prevailed.

Coach Cal  apologized for the meltdown on both Twitter and Facebook but not before creating a lot of buzz on all the major college basketball sites where, for the most part, it was the top story for most of the day. None of this surprises me. What Coach Cal said came in the heat of the moment; I don't see him as being this kind of guy on a regular basis. He behaved like a human being at a moment of incredible emotion. Now, everyone has moved on. Jones took to his Twitter account to announce he'd forgiven the coach. And Jones' aunt feels Coach Cal doesn't even need to apologize. But everyone will have an opinion. It's Big Blue Nation. They always do.