As most of y'all know, I'm not the biggest Kentucky fan around. I know, I know... y'all think I should be banned from the state, haha! I'm a Hilltopper through and through, but sometimes I have to give in to my family. Today, I lost and my sweet little Carsyn ended up in a Kentucky cheerleader outfit. Bad thing for you UK fans is, I think she may have just been the reason that they lost!

** DISCLAIMER: This is a humor piece, please don't throw rocks at my car or shoot bottle-rockets at me tomorrow at work! ;) **

So, my mother-in-law got Carsyn a UK cheerleader outfit and I have to admit, it's pretty dang cute. Only problem is, it made my stomach a little upset at the thought of my daughter in it! Ha! But, I'm trying to be a team player, so today I thought was  good day for her to wear it. And, look how stinkin cute she looks?!?!?!

But, I'm thinking that maybe Carsyn in UK gear isn't the best idea for the Cats. Here's why....

Being that I'm a pretty big WKU fan, when we pretend to be cheerleaders, we always cheer for the Toppers! So, little Carsyn was watching the game, all decked out in her blue and white, yelling, "Go Tops!"  And, "Go Big Red Cats!" Haha!

So, maybe Carsyn in Kentucky clothes isn't a good idea for your Wildcats from here on out?? Then again....if and when my Hilltoppers win their play-in game, they'll have to take on the NBA-like Cats. I'm thinkin maybe I'll just put my little Carsyn back in that UK cheerleading outfit, just in case! ;) Y'all know we're gonna need all the help we can get!

**DON'T FORGET... This is just for fun! Please don't hurt me!**