Today was a day that I've been dreading for years... The first day of kindergarten for Carsyn.

I just knew I'd be that Mom, tears streaming down my face, begging for one more hug. I'd be depressed all day until I could run into school and pick her up and take her home. Funny thing happened thou...

I didn't cry. Not at all, not even one little tiny tear. Not one single moment of sadness. Maybe it's because I cried on Field Day at preschool in May, maybe all my tears came out then, ha! Maybe I'm just a terrible Mother and should be ashamed of myself.

Nope, no tears... just happiness. I've been so excited for Carsyn to start at Sutton Elementary. I was ironing her outfit last night and couldn't help but smile. I'm just so happy that she's happy. She's been more than excited to start kindergarten. As a Mom, isn't the number one thing we want for our kids is to be happy? (Aside from being healthy, of course.) Heath, may actually be another reason I didn't cry. There are so many parents who don't get to send their kids to kindergarten. There are way too many kids who are too sick to go to regular school. I'm just so thankful that today, we got to priss, yes priss, into Sutton Elementary, smiling and giggling at each other the entire walk to the back of the school to the gym.

Let's be real, there will be many, many more times that I cry happy/sad tears as a parent. I'm just glad that for one reason or another, today, there were no tears... just pride and happiness.