On Sunday, I took Carsyn to Reid's Orchard here in Owensboro. Now, those of you that listen to my Mid-Day Show know that I LOVE Reid's!! (Awesome snacks!! Haha!) Well...Carsyn does too!! And, even thou I had NO cash and had to take $30 worth of quarters in a ziplock bag....we had a blast!!Of course, the first thing we did was go to the Reidland play area. The apple slider is AWESOME!! The first time, we went together, but after that my lil punkin wanted to go all by herself!

By far, feeding and petting the goats were her favorite. One of the goats nibbled on her sleeve and she is still laughing and telling everyone how, "Dat doat ate my shirt!" Haha!

Of course, I got snacks!! And filled my car with fall must-haves like mums and punkins!

Ending the day with an apple slushy is something that I want to implement into my everyday routine!

You can check out all about Reid's www.reidorchard.com