Throwback Thursday: Sweet Pickles [VIDEO]
"Smart Moms know how kids might grow up on Sweet Pickles!"
Who else remembers the 'Sweet Pickles' books? Each book had a letter of the alphabet with a corresponding animal character whose name started with a particular letter. Here's the commercial, with the 'Swe…
Farewell ‘Downton Abbey’ [VIDEO]
Series finales can be polarizing. Too many end with far too many loose ends. 'Downton Abbey' didn't end this way. It ended as perfect as the table setting for a grand tributary. I think a little too perfect.
‘American Pickers’ Heading Back To Indiana
Mike, Frank, and Daniellle, the "American Pickers" from the History Channel, are returning to Indiana! So, here's the deal, they are looking for leads and they would love to explore your buried treasure. They are on the hunt for interesting and unique items.
Jake Worthington Live At WBKR [VIDEO]
In case you missed it, The Voice alum Jake Worthington visited my Midday Show Monday morning. He is a true Southern gentleman, straight out of Texas and was so much fun in the studio! Jake has such a traditional country sound and I think you'll love his new single, "Just Keep Falling I…
Review: “Fuller House” [VIDEO]
I think I used this phrase last week, but everything that's old is new again. I read the reviews for 'Fuller House' and they were not good. In fact many of them suggested the show is a waste of time. I say, NO! And why?
Casting Call For Two New Survival Reality Shows
Metal Flowers Media, the makers of Naked and Afraid and Storage Wars, are currently accepting applications and auditioning for two new reality shows about extreme survival.  Think you have what it takes?  Check out Relative Survival and The Untitled Survival Project.  Both look awesom…
Chris Stapleton Added To Grammy Performers
Chris Stapleton has taken over the mainstream music scene by storm, for good reason. He for sure isn't a new artist, but is just now getting the recognition he deserves. His style is like none other and don't even get me started on that voice! If you don't have his Traveller album, get it right now!…

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