Brett Eldredge To Judge Miss America
Brett Eldredge is the first celebrity announced to judge the upcoming Miss America pageant! Sure, he's excited about the swimsuit competition, but it's another category that he's most excited about judging.
Conway Twitty Revived On ‘True Detective’ [VIDEO]
The first season of HBO's 'True Detective' was amazing and was, at times, very eerie. Season two has been a little slow-going, but in the opening of the third episode this past Sunday, a Conway Twitty impersonator livened (or haunted) things up a little bit with a lip synch rendition of "The Ro…
Throwback Thursday: Battle of the Network Stars [Video]
Last week, I was watching CNN's special on the 70's and saw a clip of one of my favorite television shows from childhood.  Who else LOVED Battle of the Network Stars?  I could not get enough that show.  So, I started digging through YouTube and found some awesome clips from the running relay, the du…
CNN To Air Glen Campbell Documentary “I’ll Be Me” [VIDEO]
In 2011, Glen Campbell's producer asked director James Keach to do a short film documenting what would be the singer's final tour. Campbell had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. His family and management team knew it would be risky to show the disease's progression, but Campb…

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