A Northern Girl in a Southern World
This is the pilot episode of the Differences Between North and South just in case you missed it last month! We will be filming the next installment about the Differences in the Weather so be looking for that video segment next Saturday!
Noah’s Ark Replica In Kentucky Will Get Tax Incentive [VIDEO]
After ruling two years ago the Noah's Ark replica being built in Williamstown, would not get a tax incentive, a federal judge ruled Monday to reverse the decision saying Kentucky officials violated the builders' First Amendment protections by blocking it from sales tax tourism incentives t…
My Dream Vacation [PHOTOS]
Maybe it's because it's 25 degrees outside or maybe it's because I just tend to want things I can't have, but here lately, I've really been thinking about a vacation. And, not just any vacation, but my dream vacation. The kind of dream vacation where money is no object and any place is fair game. So…
Whoops! I May A Costly Mistake
Hey friends! I'm in South Beach getting ready to cheer on my Western Kentucky Hilltoppers in their bowl game tomorrow. I want to feel bad for being here when it's 75 and I'm on the beach while you're freezing, but I'm having a hard time right now, ha! But, I did have a mishap at our hotel and I just…
How Dave Spencer Met Pat Boone
Pat Boone probably performed at the Executive Inn Showroom Lounge during its time on Earth, but I'm not 100% sure. It just seems like something he would have done.

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