Enter To Qualify For The Great Pumpkin Smash
Boils and Ghouls, we proudly present The Halloween Havoc Great Pumpkin Smash!
During the month of October, we’re going to be giving away 92 Beeker Balls.  Well, okay, they’re actually numbered ping pong balls, but it’s just way more fun to call them Beeker Balls.  If you win one, you’re qualified to …
Carnival Cruise App [VIDEO]
We are less than 20 days from setting sail on the Carnival Elation for Cruise With A DJ 2015! We are trying to make sure you are beyond prepared for this awesome trip, so we'll continue to give you some cruise-tips before October 12th! Did you know Carnival has a cruise app that you can explore your…
I Had A Blast At The Bourbon Gala! [PHOTOS]
On Saturday, I headed to Bardstown for The Great Kentucky Bourbon Tasting & Gala. A bestie/sorority sister of mine from Western and I have been planning on going to the "Bourbon Prom" for months now and I was more than ready for an awesome night. The event is a trademark event of the K…
Ten Kentucky General Stores That Are Worth a Visit
One of the many things I love about road trips on back roads is the general store. If I'm lucky, I'll find one of these roadside gems at lunchtime then treat myself to a store-made sandwich. I know it doesn't sound fancy, but who wants that?

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