Oh, I bet there was rear-end chewin' in the UK locker room after this one. UK Wildcats Terrence Jones and Stacy Poole were involved in a car accident at 2AM. They were hit by a drunk driver. The players were NOT drunk. But the late night shenanigans have prompted Coach John Calipari to issue a season-long curfew for the 'Cats. Man, I bet he was furious. I mean, come on. Two players out runnin' around at all hours the night before a game? Seriously? Well, Cal has put the kibosh on that, as my dad would say. My concern is what this might say about Jones's maturity level. This kid is the pre-season SEC Player of the Year and a key cog in the Wildcats' national title hopes. No, he wasn't injured. He will play tonight in the Wildcats' season opener against Marist. I've read that there's no evidence that drugs or alcohol were involved on the part of the two players. But Jones did leave the scene. That ain't cool. I certainly hope what I'm assuming was a very heated lecture and the new curfew will curtail any further activity of this ilk. Come on, guys. Get it together.