I typically dread the day Chad goes to Louisville for the opening day of the Kentucky State Fair. He always tortures me with his fun stories of seeing the animals, meeting cool people and eating lots, lots, lots of delicious food! Well, tomorrow is fair day and I won't be jealous! Nope, I'll be there too.... bring on the fun!

Since I'll be with Chad this year, I've made us a Kentucky State Fair Opening Day Checklist... check it out!

1. Food: Yes, I realize this is a given, right?!? We have to hit up the Kentucky Proud Experience Tent, sampling beer, bourbon and more! And, what about the Kentucky Cookout Tent with Kentucky's best homegrown food!

2. Agriculture: I'm thinking last year Chad milked something. Can't remember exactly what, but it was something, haha! This year, while I may not milk anything, I would love to see some livestock, ha! We must check out the bees and honey, 4-H exhibits and the Commonwealth's largest punkin'!

3. Bourbon: There's a great look on the historical aspect that bourbon has played on Kentucky and I want to check it out. If they happen to have samples, that would be OK too, ha!

4. B-I-N-G-O: Who knew that the Kentucky State Fair had bingo?!? We must check this out! Lord knows Chad has 13 dobbers and 11 lucky troll dolls in his truck...

5. Food: Yep, we're back to food. I'm talking good ole' fair food, can I get an amen?!? Funnel cakes, ice cream, turkey legs...you get the idea ;)

Wish us luck on our Kentucky State Fair day! Tune in for all the LIVE coverage!

Our fair coverage brought to you by Dairy Queen on New Hartford Road and in Beaver Dam. Don't forget, Thursday, August 14th is Miracle Treat Day, so stop by DQ and get a blizzard. $1.00 of your purchase will go toward Riley Children's Hospital.