About a month ago, I received a notice in the mail from a collection agency.  A COLLECTION AGENCY!!!! It was in reference to a phone bill from AT&T. Uh, I had just paid my AT&T bill and was current. So I was clueless. I called AT&T to find out what the deal was and gave them the creditor's account number which, by the way, was a 10-digit number that began with 270683. That's right, it was an Owensboro phone number. So I politely told the AT&T rep that I did not recognize that number and that I had not had a home phone in 8 years. I just use my mobile. So after talking to 37 different people, I finally landed in the retention department. It sounds like a bladder issue, I know, but it's where I needed to be. Here's what happened: when I began my Internet service with AT&T, they sent me all the DSL equipment. I naturally thought that had been incorporated into my bill, which I autopay. Not so. You see, I never used this equipment; I use my mobile device as a hotspot and that's how I get Internet. Just as I was about to donate my unused router and its accompanying  cables, I got this notice. Glad I hadn't moved on that yet. So the guy at AT&T said he'd send me a pre-paid label I could use to UPS the equipment back to AT&T. That was a month ago. I never heard from them again. I had to call last week and find out what was taking so long. I finally got a label and sent the stupid thing off. The debt will be cancelled and the collection agency will not come calling again. My long national nightmare is over.