I'm a road trip kind of guy when it comes to vacation. Always have been. And I've just returned from a trip to upstate New York where I spent a few relaxing days on Chautauqua Lake. Very nice.

On my first day--last Tuesday--I heard WBKR playing the brand new Taylor Swift song, "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together," just before I got out of range. I heard the last part of it.

Shortly thereafter, I heard it again on a Louisville country station. And Taylor, herself, introduced it. I thought that was cool. That station was playing Taylor's new song once an hour all day long. I heard it again in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Pittsburgh.

Pop stations are playing it as well, as you might expect. I even heard some of it on a news/talk radio station during a local segment about Taylor; she's from Pennsylvania, which is where I was at the time.

By now, you've likely guessed that THAT is the number one country song of my vacation. I didn't hear another one NEARLY as much as I heard that one.

And, you know what? I get it.

These stations will likely back off this level of saturation. But that's how you treat a new song by a superstar. And, while Taylor has had just as much success on pop radio as she has on country radio, country is where she started. And I think she can legitimately be labeled a country music superstar.

I'm laying all this out as a set-up because I know she's polarizing to certain country music listeners. They simply don't have the need, or maybe tolerance, for her style. And, let's face it...as catchy and fun as this new single may be, it's not a bit different from anything else she's done, lyrically. And that is probably the reason why she's a turn-off to the portion of the audience that's been with country music longer than others.

So what do YOU think? Even if you don't like Taylor's music, do you expect country stations to play her? Would you rather they not?

I'd be curious to know.