Yes, I admit, I had a thinkin' problem. Because, in 1994, when David Ball's "Thinkin' Problem" was released, I didn't THINK something that traditionally country would make it on the early 90s airwaves. Boy, was I wrong--to the tune of more than a million singles sold. And that's back when you had to actually go to a music store and buy the single. Now, I'm thinkin' he'll have quite a few fans arrive for his free shows this Friday and Saturday at the Hoosiers Lounge at Casino Aztar. I'm also thinkin' my interview with David this afternoon will be a blast. You know, "Thinkin' Problem"--which peaked at #2 on Billboard's Country Singles Chart in 1994--was not David's only hit. He had another top ten hit from the album "Thinkin' Problem" with "When the Thought of You Catches Up with Me" which peaked at #7. That was followed, ironically, by "Look What Followed Me Home" which hit #11. And in 2001, David returned with the huge hit "Riding with Private Malone" which also peaked at #2. Yes, I admit I HAD a thinkin' problem. But I'm on the wagon, now. And David's on the air this afternoon.  Looking forward to it.