Wow! Southern Indiana was getting a lot of airtime on national television yesterday. First, Holiday World and Santa Claus popped up on Jeopardy! Then, last night David Letterman opened Late Show monologue by saying, "Live from Evansville, Indiana!"

I hadn't watched Letterman in a long time, and I certainly had no intention of staying with the show last night after the opening stuff because his primary guest was Dr. Phil.

And, you know...Dr. Phil.

But I thought I'd look in for the monologue, the desk chatter, and the Top Ten. And, to my surprise, he walks out and says that he's live from Evansville. I mean, I know he's from Indiana, but that's still incredibly random.

But soon after he said that, the camera caught a specific woman laughing in the audience and I realized it must have been some kind of inside joke. And sure enough, he explained that before the show, he was warming up the audience by playing a game of "Name All the Cities in Indiana."

I get it. Of course, it could have been any of multiple hundreds of cities. But he decided to choose Evansville. Very cool. Very random, yes. But, very cool.

NOTE: Full episodes of The Late Show with David Letterman are always available, but Monday night's episode featuring the Evansville mention is currently malfunctioning. I will provide the link as soon as the problem is resolved.