There's this creaky old movie from 1930 that I saw when I was a kid--and NO, not in 1930. Some network played it on a Saturday afternoon. It was a movie about the future and all the technology the world could flying cars. Here's the punchline:

The movie is set in 1980!!!

Yep. So, by my calculations, we are a good 33 years overdue for flying cars. Of course, anytime you see a movie about the future, the cars are flying. Or, at the very least, they are hovering close to the ground. I suppose if this wish for days to come ever materializes, vehicles that HOVER will either be the best that we can do, or it will be the first step in what would likely be a very long process.

Well, that first step appears to have been taken thanks to last year's Masters champion, Bubba Watson. Watson teamed up with Oakley for this concept of a golf cart that can be used on wet ground and glide across water hazards and sand traps.

Are they mainstream? Hardly. The price range for these innovative machines runs either right at or just north of $50,000.

But I guess if you're a professional golfer with a Masters title or you're, say, Tiger Woods, you could probably buy three of them with change in your wallet.