So you really didn't think you'd heard the last of Pastor Harold Camping, did you? As May 21, 2011 came and went without sounding trumpets or horsemen in the sky, the old bird must have been bewitched, bothered, and bewildered that his apocalyptic pronouncement died on the vine. Not to worry; the old guy isn't letting any grass grow under HIS feet.

Pastor Camping has issued a brand new prediction. It seems the world will now be completely annihilated on October 21, 2011. May 21 was just a "judgment day." Here's my question: what happens when 10/21/11 hits and nothing happens again? My guess is there will be a new prediction, then another one, then another one. Hey, wait a minute! Maybe, he wants Hollywood to make a movie about it like "2012," which was based on the prediction from the Mayan calendar. I mean, if he keeps extending his predictions, he'll eventually overlap with that one.   

Oh well. I guess we now all look to October 21. I suppose everyone's going to have to rush around and put all those billboards back up, sell all their worldly possessions, and repopulate their fall-out shelters. But at least we have 5 months.