I have heard a lot of people talking lately about Christmas traditions. From the music they listen to, how their family gets together for the Holidays, the movies the watch, and what they eat.

I started thinking about some of the traditions my family has and realized that some of these traditions have changed over the years. Some have changed due to the fact that we are all growing up; others have changed because the things we used to do are no longer available. Some traditions have been replaced and others have just gone away.

I realized that my favorite Christmas memory is of a tradition that we no longer have. Every year when I was a child, the entire family (even some of the out-of-town family) would get together after Thanksgiving dinner. We would all gather in my parents’ living room and bring out the Christmas tree and begin to put it up. While we would put it up, we would watch the movie “E.T.” on TV. I always looked forward to this part of the Holidays: all of the family in one room having a good time. To me, this was the start of the Christmas season!

Over the years this tradition went away. First they quit showing the movie on TV, and then the kids stared growing up. We still get together, but it isn’t as big o a gathering, and it seems like it doesn’t last as long.

We still have certain traditions that are fun and good family time, when I look back; I really miss those “E.T.” Thanksgiving nights.

What are some traditions that you had that you do not have any longer?