Tomorrow Martina McBride - as you know my second favorite lady - celebrates her 46th birthday. Just a spring chicken. Ha. I was working at my first program director's job at KFDI, Wichita, Kansas in 1969. Martina lived just a few miles away near Independence, Kansas - and was three years old!! Oh, well, 20 years is not so great a distance between 46 and 66, is it? Read on about what happens later this morning you don't want to miss. Today on the Saturday at the Memories Show we will salute Martina at 6:50. Thirty minutes of Martina Music including some great remakes. Tomorrow is the NASCAR Cup race at the brickyard in Indianapolis. Just last May at the Indy 500 Maretina sang the national anthem. Here are a couple of Getty Images of her - which are always just glorious to look at.