Imagine Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson live on stage together and the ticket Seriously. I have a friend who lives in Northern California who, like myself, is a classic country fanatic. So, I call to tell him about a free to the public David Frizzell concert and he fires back with a Haggard/Kristofferson one two punch. Not to reduce the value of the man who made hiring a wino to decorate a home country legend but to my friend Joseph...I will destroy you!

If you're headed to San Fransisco anytime soon forget about putting flowers in your hair, just find a place to crash because there is a concert like no other coming this September. The "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass" concert year eleven is scheduled to begin September 30th. It has a list of performers so long their concert posters are printed on scrolls. Oh, and MC Hammer, who attends every year, will be giving a children's performance. I think it's still safe to refer to the West Coast as the wild wild west.

If you are lucky and wealthy enough to make the trip first, don't tell me, and second, for the love of lucky....go! The concert also includes Emmy Lou Harris, The Civil Wars, Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, and John Prine just to name a few. Check out the link it's cool to look over just for the sake of having a little fantasy to day dream about.