Back in 1991, WBKR's program director, Chuck Urban, and I were invited by Capitol Records to a showcase in New Orleans for Billy Dean and Suzy Bogguss.

It was my first trip to New Orleans. It was the first time I'd attended an event like that. A lot of firsts.

Like, for example, my first experience with a mini-bar.

Cashews, chocolates, juice, beer, bottled water. You name it. It was there. And I'd never seen one. And I naturally assumed it came with the room, which had been comped by the record company.

Oh, how wrong I was.

By the time I learned that all that stuff was extra, Chuck and I had rung up close to a $50 tab having consumed very little.

No more mini-bar. I had wondered why it had been restocked while we were away.

Anyway, I was reminded of that slightly shocking discovery when I found out about Edward Heaton and a tab he ran up at London's Wellesley Hotel.

Three bottles of San Pellegrino water. THREE bottles! And then this bill:


Folks, it would be bad enough if he really did pay $75. But that's not 75 dollars. That's 75 British POUNDS. And that translates to $126.78.

Next time, he should just go to Kroger. He'll only be out about 11 bucks.