I wanted to share this not only because I enjoy the music of Daughtry, but also because I think what the band is doing is a really neat idea!

I was going through my Facebook feed the other day, and I came across a post from Daughtry talking about if you have purchased a physical copy of their new cd, you can send in the booklet and they will sign it and send it back! I thought this was such a neat idea! I have seen Daughtry before and even have a signed piece from the band, but a lot of people that go see their favorite artists aren't always able to get items signed.

I think this is a great way that Daughtry is connecting with fans, and I think it would be cool to see other artists do something similar.

So if you are a Daughtry fan and want to get your CD booklet signed here is all you have to do:

Send the booklet, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to Daughtry, 2800 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, Ca, 90404.

You have to mail your booklet by December 1st. so time is running out. According to their Facebook page, if you mail it in no later than December 1st., they will personally sign the booklet and send it back.

Talk about easy. And not a bad idea for a Christmas gift if you have a Daughtry fan on you list.