So last week, I wrote about my 2014 summer vintage wish list and four out of my five items were records, but the last thing on my list was a record player to play them on. Well, I found THE ultimate record player of my dreams. It's a 1917 antique hand-crank record player - totally impractical but I LOVE it. And, it's available right here in the tri-state at the Book & Music Exchange in Owensboro! The problem is - it's $250.

Okay, peeps... I don't have $250 layin' around, especially since I have some new home purchases coming up in my near future. I gotta save my dolla, dolla bills, y'all! But, my birthday is comin' up in August and I'm just letting my future boyfriend know, whoever you are out there, that THIS ultimate dream record player is what I want. I would just have Carsyn stand there and crank it all the time, haha!

Okay, now that we have that on the table, I'm seriously still looking for a record player (within my price range!) to play all my new vintage records on! Keep your eyes peeled and this little gem is a steal. It's super cute and I hope it finds a good home!