So, I've been thinking about how much fun it would be to give some of my listeners a make-over! Not that y'all aren't fabulous already, but how much fun would that be?!?! So, I knew that I needed a guinea pig and Chad and I knew immediately who would be a great candidate - WBKR's Erin Grant! Now, Erin is beautiful already, but we knew that it wouldn't take much to make her shine! Plus, with our office holiday party coming up, what a great event to reveal the new Erin!

Take a look at the beginning of our make-over of Erin.

So, with any story, we must start at the beginning...

Most of you are familiar with Erin from our weekend programming, but just in case you're not, here she is! Watch as we discuss our plans for the make-over and just how excited Erin really is! Haha!

<----- Here's Erin's official before pic!

Now, of course, we had to evaluate just what Erin was already doing (make-up wise) on a regular basis. Prepare yourself for this video. This is kinda rough! Some makeup may have been thrown across the room, maybe...

This is just the beginning of the transformation. Stay tuned for how the process went. We went shopping, got her hair dyed, eyebrows waxed and of course, the big reveal!

This was SO much fun! Hope you stay with us for the journey!