Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo compares tonight's Champions Classic in which his Spartans will take on Kentucky and Duke will battle Kansas to a Final Four. I think it's better than most Final Fours, which seldom feature four teams ranked in the Top 5.

UK head coach John Calipari would probably agree but, right now, is just looking at a young, albeit wildly talented, team of thoroughbreds who are about walk headlong into a team of experienced and talented upperclassmen who are coached by one of the best in the business.

After UK's win over Northern Kentucky Sunday afternoon, Calipari joked that he had told Izzo that it was unfair for such a young team to play a group like Michigan State, to which Izzo comically suggested that he should forfeit.

That humorous exchange did not take place during a recent ESPN interview with Calipari conducted by analyst and former Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg.

But I did think some insight into what happened last season was very revealing. And it's clear John Calipari never wants to go THERE again.