I was just saying, this past Monday, that nobody tries to pull off elaborate April Fools' Day pranks anymore because we're all so used to it and cannot be convinced. Well, no sooner was that proclamation made than I was, yes, HAD with an April Fools' Day prank.

But it wasn't just on me. It was on anyone willing to fall for it. Each Monday, we receive the Country Aircheck Weekly update. It's loaded with country radio news and the current week's country music chart. At the bottom of the front page was an ad for a country remix of Justin Timberlake's pop hit "Suit & Tie." It was called the "Boots & Bolo" mix. Perfect name.

And I fell for it. There is no such mix.

As you can see, it's a pretty good ad. Yeah, it looks a little silly, but I still fell for it. I even emailed some folks I know at the record label and was then informed it was a joke. Good one!

I take back everything I said.


Country Aircheck Weekly