I have no idea who Kasey and Benny are, but I am so glad they got their wisdom teeth yanked out the same day.  This video is HILARIOUS!!!  It was filmed as their mom drove them home from the oral surgeon's office.  And I must warn you in advance . . . these teenagers are not taking this procedure well at all.  WATCH!

I vividly remember the day I had my wisdom teeth yanked out of my head!  Well, two of them were yanked.  The other two were impacted and had to be dug out with farm implements.  It was in late May of 1988 and I had plans to leave the surgeon's office and watch the French Open on television.  Everything worked out as planned except for one tiny detail.  I was so focused on getting home to watch tennis that I forgot to take my pain pill before the sodium pentothal wore off.  For the next 5 hours, I laid in the bed and convulsed and screamed like the kid in The Exorcist.  Kasey and Benny, I know your pain.  That's why I can laugh at it!