Purists--and I've known quite a few in my time--believe classics should not be covered, that they are just off limits. Others--like myself--are intrigued by how an artist interprets the original.

Others still--and, thankfully, there are many--are just glad that a younger, newer act has enough of an appreciation for the original to do the cover.

So, when I saw that Kellie Pickler performed George Jones' "White Lightning" for SiriusXM's The Highway, my first thought was "Ooooh, some people aren't going to like this." On the other hand, Kellie is such a traditional COUNTRY singer, that I'm not a bit surprised that she'd have a great love for such an iconic classic like this.

And anyone who loves traditional country music should be pleased that a young artist would WANT to perform something like "White Lightning."

Analysis aside, she kicked the song's butt. Good stuff.

I think The Possum would be proud.