BFF (best friends forever) sure does have a different meaning as a grown-up than in grade-school. It's not just matching heart-shaped necklaces and playground secrets. It's not catching a late-night movie or the latest shoe sale. As an adult, it can be difficult to find friends that genuinly stick by your side through the really tough times in life. Imagine having a friend that would shave her head and fight right alongside of you in the toughest battle of your life. Well, that's just what country girl Kellie Pickler did.Kellie's best friend, Summer Holt Miller (36), was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. After a successful double-mastectomy surgery, Summer was declared cancer free. But, she is set to begin chemotheraphy Thursday to ensure that the disease doesn't come back around.

We're all pulling for Summer and all those battling cancer. Major kudos to Kellie for holding her friend's hand and trying to make her feel more comfortable about herself in this difficult fight.

I'd say a matching hand-made friendship bracelet and secret handshake is in order for these two! Because sometimes being a BFF,  is just that ;)