Owensboro Parent Magazine has been in publication for more than a year now, serving the Owensboro area as a vital companion and information source for parents throughout the city and Daviess County.

Thanks to businesses and organizations in the community, Owensboro Parent has been able to maintain its status as a free publication. You'll find copies of Owensboro Parent all over the city at professional offices, child care centers, and businesses that advertise with the magazine.

We've been getting a lot of calls about where to find the magazine and they've reached a fever pitch with the release of the October issue which features a stunning Aaron Kizer rendering of Lane Goodwin on the cover. The extraordinary image highlights a story about Lane and other children in the area who are suffering from cancer.

Coincidentally, I was just discussing this subject the other day with some friends of mine. And now Owensboro Parent has covered the topic expertly.

It's a terrific magazine with a great staff of writers.

If you'd like a copy, check out the complete list of locations at owensboroparent.com.