I'll just start this by saying that I may be a little bias about the guy I'm going to tell y'all about... Chris Lee. Chris is from Owensboro and just happens to be a fabulacious drummer! (Yes, I made up a word, ha!) I know this because I've heard Chris play hundreds of times and he plays in my band too! Turns out, I'm not the only one who thinks Chris is great...

The fine folks at Guitar Center in Evansville passed him thru to the quarter-final round of their national drum-off competition! So now, he's heading to Indianapolis!

Chris competed in the in-store preliminary round September 10th, the again at the store finals on October 1st. He'll now travel to Indianapolis October 22nd for the quarterfinal round. If he wins, it's on to Chicago then finally Los Angeles! There are tons of prizes throughout the competition, but the grand prize champion wins $25,000!

Y'all help me in wishing Chris "Good Luck" as he represents our area in this drum-off!