Saturday night I met Kimberly Perry (and her brothers, too) backstage at the Ford Center. She was so nice and sweet and so petite! Neil and Reid were very pleasant as well. My NASCAR writin' buddy Blake Smith went with me. Now, I had had visions of Blake taking a picture of me with Kimberly using my camera or phone. The Band Perry had other plans...

When you attend one of their meet and greets you are given specific instructions about what you can and can't do. I don't think they have any intention of being difficult. Actually, the meet and greet is so organized it is flawless. They have engaged a professional photographer who takes the picture and then it is posted on their website in approximately seven days. You go there, find it and download it.

Blake and I were the last ones to have our picture taken so it allowed me time to notice standing across from me was a very nice looking chap. I saw his name on his backstage pass: J.P. Arencibia, her fiance. J.P. is a Major League Baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays. Being the baseball fan I am, I had to introduce myself to him. We chatted while Kimberly and her brothers met with the others in our group. He asked me who may favorite team was. When I responded, "The Yankees," he jokingly called tor security.

He went on to say that the new Yankees Stadium has a different set of fans than they used to.The tickets are so expensive that only corporate types can get the seats close to the field where the players can hear what the fans yell at them. J.P. said that Fenway Park is the best for that activity.

He was kind enough to have a picture taken with my camera phone.

A Moon Shot

I know it looks like the angels are visiting me but that was just awkward lighting.

It was a great show. They all have so much energy I am still tired from watching.